Collection: My Digitising

Welcome to our hassle-free custom embroidery digitising service!

Transform your garments and products with unique designs tailored to your style.

Our easy 3-step process ensures a seamless experience from design selection to the delivery of your personalised items.

Step 1: Select your Garments or Items
Begin by selecting the products or garments you wish to brand or personalise with your embroidered design.
(If you have your own items, no worries – we'll arrange collection from your shipping address.)
Add your chosen items to the shopping cart and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Upload Your Design
Visit the "My Digitising" tab, where the magic happens.
Select the appropriate size for your design, upload your artwork in .jpeg, .png or .pdf formant, and add the digitizing service to your cart.
This Once off fee ensures that you won't be charged again for the same design in future. Your unique design is now ready to be brought to life.
NB: After uploading your logo or picture, make sure "Quantity is equal to 1 (One), then click on "Add to Cart"

Step 3: Quantity and Position
Navigate to the "My Sew-Out" tab to match your finished product's size and position. Let us know how many items or garments you'd like branded or personalised with your uploaded design by typing the relevant number in the "Quantity" field.
Click on "Add to Cart" and your order is ready for payment. Head over to your shopping cart, complete the transaction, and you're all set!

Proof and Delivery
Within one working day of receiving your order, we'll send you a proof of the sew-out for your approval. Once you give the green light, your completed product(s) will be delivered to you within 4 to 7 working days, depending on the quantity you ordered.

Experience the convenience of personalized embroidery with our user-friendly process.
Elevate your style and make a statement with custom designs that reflect your unique message to the world.
Start your journey to customized excellence today!